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The Roman Imperial Centuria - 2010 Ancient Warfare Special Ed - Illustrations

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Core of the Legion: The Roman Imperial Centuria

2010 Ancient Warfare Special Edition

Ancient Warfare Special 2: 'Core of the Legion' examines the history, structure, and tactics of the centuria, a fundamental building block of the ancient Roman army. This special contains the following articles:

- Paul McDonnell-Staff, 'Core of the legion - Historical introduction'

- Jona Lendering, 'Hadrian and his soldiers - The Lambaesis Inscription'

- Duncan B. Campbell, 'Backbone of the legions - Some centurions and their careers'

- Graham Sumner, 'The centurio from Colchester - Reconstructing Marcus Favonius Facilis'

- Philip Matyszak, 'Learning on the job and in camp - Training the centuria'

- Ross Cowan, 'The centuria in battle - Tactical organisation and combat'

- Michael J. Taylor, 'Records on bark, sherds and papyrus - Small unit administration in the Roman army'

- Christian Koepfer, 'Keeping the legionaries clothed and fed - Logistics of the centuria'

- Graham Sumner, 'Dressed for the occasion - three legionaries brought to life'

- Michael C. Bishop, 'Keeping the weapons - Acquisition, ownership and storage'

- Michael Thomas, 'With bodies completely protected - Roman armour of the 1st-2nd centuries AD'

- Suggestions for museums