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The 104th Field Artillery Regiment of the New York National Guard, 1916-1919
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Subject: Military & War
Topic: WWI (1914-18)
Special Attributes: Illustrated
Author: Pamela A. Bakker
Publication Year: 2014
Language: English
Format: Paperback


The 104th Field Artillery Regiment of the New York National Guard, 1916-1919: From the Mexican Border to the Meuse-Argonne 

Pamela A. Bakker

The book chronicles the extensive training and heroic service of the New York National Guard's 104th Field Artillery Regiment from the period of 1916 to 1919. The regiment, initially called the 1st Field Artillery Regiment, served as border patrol in Texas during the Mexican Punitive Expedition in 1916, and trained at the gunnery field at La Gloria, Texas. During World War I, they trained by the Glassy Mountains at Camp Wadsworth in South Carolina, and then at the School of Fire of Camp de Souge near Bordeaux, France. Because of this extensive training, elements of the 27th Division were splintered off and placed within a number of other divisions. The 52nd Field Artillery Brigade, under which the 104th Field Artillery Regiment served, was attached to the 33rd Division as their artillery, and then the 79th Division for the entire Meuse-Argonne Offensive near Verdun. Using field diaries, photos and letters, their story of courage under extreme conditions including enemy shelling and gas is recorded and their memory preserved.