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Squadron Book: USS Arizona by David Doyle (2011, Paperback)

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Condition: Brand New
Topic: Navy
Author: David Doyle
Subject: Military & War


Packed with rare photographs unearthed from sources throughout the country, this volume follows the history of one of America’s most iconic naval vessels. View her keel laying under the watchful eye of (then) Undersecretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1914, follow her construction and commissioning in 1916, her service escorting Woodrow Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference in 1918, her roles as a "cruise ship" for President Herbert Hoover in 1931, and as a location for filming a Hollywood movie in 1934. Glimpse the life of the crews that manned her and follow her through the maintenance and refits that dramatically changed her appearance. Describes the horrific explosion that ripped through her hull on the dark morning of 7 December 1941, and a series of unique photos document the years of wartime salvage work aboard the sunken battleship. Chronicled too is the Arizona ongoing service as a tomb and memorial to the 1,177 men who perished with her.

Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications (January 1, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0897476409
ISBN-13: 9780897476409