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SH-60 Seahawk In Action (SC) - Squadron Signal Books - SS10251
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ISBN: 9780897478533
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SH-60 Seahawk In Action (SC) -
Squadron Signal Books - SS10251

By John Gourley

First introduced in the mid-1980s, the U.S. Navy’s Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopter fulfills a wide range of functions from combat to providing relief to populations stricken by natural disasters. Based on the U.S. Army’s UH-60 Black Hawk, and developed in accordance with the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System or LAMPS concept of helicopters that extend the search, detection, surveillance, and attack capabilities of ships, the Seahawk family of Navy choppers is distinguished by a hinged tail that facilitates space-efficient operation from giant aircraft carriers or diminutive destroyers and frigates. Author John Gourley introduces you to the SH-60F Ocean Hawk with its AQS-13F dunking sonar for detecting submerged vessels, the HH-60H “Rescue Hawk” that can fly 250 nautical miles from base to perform a rescue and then return to base and which also serves in sea-air-land (SEAL) team operations, the MH-60R 'Strikehawk' loaded with sophisticated avionics that facilitate undersea warfare and surface warfare operations in shallow littoral regions as well as deep, blue water ocean environments, and finally the MH-60S 'Knighthawk' with its two cabin doors that does everything from aeromedical evacuation and search and rescue to mine countermeasures and special operations transport. Illustrated with more than 260 full-color photographs, 80 pages.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: MMD-Squadron Signal (November 30, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0897478533
ISBN-13: 9780897478533