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Osprey: US Navy and Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk Units of the Vietnam War 1963–1973

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ISBN: 9781846031816


US Navy and Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk Units of the Vietnam War 1963–1973

Combat Aircraft 69

Author: Peter Mersky

Illustrator: Jim Laurier

About this book

The Skyhawk was involved in Vietnam from the very beginning, including the first offensive operations in 1963 into Laos, and the Pierce Arrow operations immediately following the Tonkin Gulf Incident of August 1964. Navy and Marine Corps A-4s quickly established a presence in south-east Asia participating in thousands of sorties against the entrenched communist forces in the South and the heavily defended targets in North Vietnam. A-4 pilots also struck targets along the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail, working with ground-based and airborne forward air controllers to interdict the flood of supplies to communist forces in the south. This book will include many first-hand accounts from the pilots who flew one of the greatest attack aircraft ever built and will provide an insightful account of some of the most thrilling aerial combats that took place during Vietnam.


Chapter 1 Heinemann's Scooter: A brief resume of the A-4's design

Chapter 2 Patrolling the Gulf: Increased American presence in Southeast Asia

Chapter 3 PTs Attack and the War Builds

Chapter 4 1966-1968: the sustained bombing campaign of North Vietnam

Chapter 5 Leatherneck Skyhawks: The Marine A-4 units

Chapter 6 Lam Son 719: Into Laos and Cambodia

Chapter 7 The North Invades the South

Paperback; May 2007; 112 pages; ISBN: 9781846031816