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Osprey - Polish Legions (Men-At-Arms 518)

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Topic: WWI (1914-18)
Subject: Military & War
Special Attributes: Illustrated


Polish Legions (MAA 518)

Nigel Thomas (Author) and Johnny Shumate (Illustrator)

Due to Poland's partitions and dissolution in the late eighteenth century, hundreds of thousands of Polish soldiers enlisted in distinct units in the armies of many countries--primarily those of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, but also those of the German Reich and the French Republic.

All these forces were uniformed and equipped by the parent armies, though often with explicitly Polish features. The collapse of Tsarist Russia in 1917 and of the Central Powers in 1918 allowed these diverse forces to unite in a recreated Polish Army under the newborn Second Polish Republic in November 1918. With full color illustrations of their unique and colorful uniforms as well as contemporary photographs, this is the fascinating story of the Poles who fought on both sides in the trenches in World War I and then united to fight for their freedom in the Russian Civil War.