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Osprey Men at Arms 380 - German Army Elite Units 1939–45

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German Army Elite Units 1939–45

In World War II a number of German Army units and divisions were classed as élites, and were distinguished by special insignia of various kinds. For some this status was simply a matter of lineage - e.g. the Infantry Regiment 'List', which traced its identity to the Bavarian unit with which Hitler had served in World War I. Some, like the 'Grossdeutschland' and Panzer-Lehr divisions, were raised from particularly high grade personnel. Other titles honoured extraordinary battlefield exploits or heroic sacrifice, like the 'Brandenburg' and 'Hoch und Deutschmeister' divisions. This fact-packed introduction to these famous units is illustrated with rare photographs and detailed colour plates.

Author: Gordon Williamson
Illustrator: Ramiro Bujeiro
Short code: MAA 380
Publication Date: 18 Oct 2002
Number of Pages: 48