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Osprey Duel 33: Panzer IV vs Char B1 bis France 1940 - Stonne, Hannant
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Condition: Like New
Brand: Osprey
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ISBN: 9781849083782
UPC: 9781849083782
Topic: WWII (1939-45)
Subject: Military & War
Special Attributes: Illustrated
Author: Steven J. Zaloga
Publication Year: 2011

Panzer IV vs Char B1 bis
France 1940
Duel 33
Author: Steven J. Zaloga
Illustrator: Richard Chasemore
About this book
The Battle of France in 1940 involved the first large-scale tank-against-tank battles in history. The massive clashes at Stonne, Hannant, and Gembloux involved hundreds of tanks on both sides, yet have faded from memory due to the enourmity of the French defeat. This book examines two of the premier opposing tanks of the Wehrmacht and the French Army, the German PzKpfw IV and the French Char B1 bis. With a complete history of the design, development, and deployment of these armoured fighting vehicles, the story of these great battles is once again brought to life.
Paperback; January 2011; 80 pages; ISBN: 9781849083782