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Mr. Black Scale Model Handbook - WWII Special Vol 2 WWII German Uniforms
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Mr. Black Scale Model Handbook - WWII Special, Vol 2. - WWII German Uniforms
A Guide to Painting Miniature Figures in Acrylics

Man Jin Kim

Welcome to the latest WWII Special, Vol.2 in the Scale Model Handbook Series from Mr Black Publications Editions. This is the ultimate painting guide by the Korean master figure painter and artist Man Jin Kim showing how to paint miniature figures in German WWII uniforms using acrylic paints.

Mr Black Publications is proud to bring you this awesome work, first published in the Korean language, with an English text where over 84 pages cover the most important aspects of painting German uniforms in miniature. Field grey, black and white, leather uniform items, camouflage accessories and scenery. Inside are more than 300 photos, and around 280 of them are step-by-step sequences. The first chapter is dedicated to tools and assembly, the second on using acrylic paints and the third is about face painting. The fourth chapter covers painting uniforms, the fifth accessories whereas the sixth looks at scenery. The seventh, and final, chapter presents a gallery of masterly painted figures, busts and vignettes by the author illustrated with really big and sharp photos that reveal even the smallest details of each model subject. Most of these models were painted as box artwork for well-know companies.

A big thank you must go to the master miniature artist Man Jin Kim for giving us the opportunity to bring his work to English-speaking modellers and sharing his secrets with us. Special thanks must go to Jae Kwon Yoo, who translated the authors Korean text into English and also to Ken Jones, our tireless Text Editor. Our thanks must also go to Alex Vallejo (Vallejo Acrylics), Fernando Vallejo (AK-Interactive), Taesung Harmms (Alpine Miniatures) and Yannis V. Papadopoulos (ETA Diorama Accessories) for their support in this effort.

We hope you enjoy this, our 22nd book in our Scale Model Handbook Series and, as always, keep up the good modelling work!