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Kagero Book: Bf-109 E-4 - 44 pages, 125 color photos, 2 color profiles
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ISBN: 9788389088741
Brand: Kagero
UPC: 9788389088741

Bf-109 E-4

Mark Beckwith 
Jakub Plewka

6.5 x 9, 44 pages, 125 color photos, 2 color profiles, 9788389088741, paperback, Kagero 

When the Bf 109 was first designed in 1934, its primary role was that of a high-speed, short range bomber interceptor. The 109 was also designed to take advantage of the most advanced aerodynamics of the time and embodied structural techniques which were an advance on its contemporaries. 

The first major redesign came with the E series; the Bf 109E, or "Emil", introduced a number of structural changes in order to accommodate the heavier but significantly more powerful 1,100 PS Daimler-Benz DB 601 engine, the heavier armament and increased fuel capacity. Later variants of the Es introduced a fuselage bomb rack or provision for a long-range drop-tank, and used the DB 601N engine of higher power output.

This is a Monograph on this iconic World War II fighter, containing color photos with English/Polish photo captions, featuring external and internal views, and 2 color profiles. Includes a free decal sheet.