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Hunnicut's Sherman: A History of the American Medium Tank - Illustrated - PB
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Sherman: A History of the American Medium Tank


In Sherman: A History of the American Medium Tank, R. P. Hunnicutt provides the comprehensive history of the technological evolution that led to the production of Sherman M4 in 1942 and its development, variants, and modifications.
Although the Sherman was part of the US pre-war development program, its adaptability to conditions on the front led to extensive British innovations drawn from battle experience. As WWII raged on, these modifications transformed the Sherman into a highly specialized workhorse of the Anglo-American armored forces. Taking full advantage of the ease with which the Sherman absorbed modifications, British forces adapted Shermans as minesweepers, amphibious assault float tanks, bulldozers, flame throwers, CDL tanks for nighttime attacks, carriages for tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery, among other uses.
The Sherman, the epitome of American prowess in mass production, played an integral role in infantry support and fought in every major theater of operation in WWII. Due to its reliability, adaptability, and sheer strength in numbers, the Sherman M4 served with unmatched longevity, and Hunnicutt touches upon the wide range of combat conditions that the M4 performed under, in addition to its post-WWII activity.
Featuring over a thousand photos from the National Archives, diagrams, and detailed specifications, Hunnicutt's Sherman remains the definitive history of M4 for the military historian, professional soldier, and tank restorer.
1,368 black & white photos, 12 color plates

Paperback: 580 pages
Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media; Reprint ed. edition (March 26, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1626548617
ISBN-13: 978-1626548619