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Book: Tankograd Militar Fahrzeug Special No. 5043 Fennek Reconnaissance Vehicle

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Tankograd Militar Fahrzeug - Special No. 5043

The Fennek Reconnaissance Vehicle in Modern German Army Service

Frank Lobitz

As the German Bundeswehr reconnaissance troops' Luchs reconnaissance vehicle became obsolete it was high time to develop and procure a completely new armoured wheeled reconnaissance vehicle. Delivery of the first Fennek Reconnaissance Vehicle to the Bundeswehr at the German Armour School in Munster on 10 December 2003 can therefore be viewed as a milestone in the procurement of equipment for the Aufklärungstruppe. The first-production-lot vehicles included 178 Reconnaissance Vehicles as well as 24 Engineer Command and Reconnaissance Vehicles. An additional 4 Fennek Artillery Observer Vehicles were ordered as an urgent operational requirement, but later rebuilt. In parallel, the artillery developed two more Joint Fire Support Team (JFST) Fennek versions, of which 20 examples were fielded. Altogether, the Bundeswehr procured 226 Fenneks, some of which have since been destroyed during operations. This publication comprehensively describes the development and technology of the Fennek in all its variants.