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Bolt Action: American Infantry - 25 figures, US Army WWII 28mm Plastic

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Condition: New
Brand: Warlord Games
UPC: 5060200843550


Bolt Action: American Infantry - WWII US Army Infantry
25 multi-pose, hard plastic 28mm (1:56 scale) miniatures

Designed to be equipped for use in all theatres of the war in which American soldiers fought and at anytime during America's involvement in the conflict, these great multi-pose plastics allow you loads of options - you can even use them as Free French or Brazilians during WWII and they're also ideal for us as American soldiers during the Korean War!

Enough plastic components to make 35 US Infantry miniatures. Includes a host of options to allow for different weapon configurations and command models. Weapons include: Springfield and M1 Garand rifles (plus scoped model and version with bayonet), Browning Automatic Rifle, Thompson and Grease Gun sub-machine guns, Bazooka, Colt .45 pistol, fragmentation grenades, bandoliers and shotgun!

Box contains 25 plastic infantry, round plastic bases (25mm diameter), and background booklet.

All figures come unpainted and unassembled (pictures of painted models are for illustrative purposes). Glue and paints not included.