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Aircraft Nose Art - American, French, and British Imagery and Its Influence
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Britain and the Wars in Vietnam

The Supply of Troops, Arms, and Intelligence, 1945-1975

Gerald Prenderghast

Britain's peacekeeping role in Southeast Asia after World War II was clear enough but the purpose of the Commonwealth in the region later became shadowy. British involvement in the wars fought in Vietnam between 1946 and 1975 has been the subject of a number of books--most of which focus on the sometimes clandestine activities of politicians--and unsubstantiated claims about British support for the United States' war effort have gained acceptance.

Drawing on previously undiscovered information from Britain's National Archives, this book discusses the conduct of the wars in Vietnam and the political ramifications of UK involvement, and describes Britain's actual role in these conflicts: supplying troops, weapons and intelligence to the French and U.S. governments while the latter were in combat with Ho Chi Minh's North Vietnamese.